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What we do
Waltham Media takes a very different approach to helping clients with their websites. For us we don’t build websites, we specialise in the development and management of online businesses. For us, creating your website is only the first stage of the process - if you only want a website built then we are not the team to hire.
Let us introduce ourselves
Here at Waltham Media our business is all about creating your online business and managing it to reach its full potential. Our belief is that you as the client are a specialist in your own business. Partnered with our specialty it makes a great pairing for profitable results. Waltham Media was setup to provide skill-sets and knowledge for hire on an ad-hoc basis.
Helping new internet businesses
We specialise in taking your existing ‘bricks and mortar’ business and work closely with you to create a new source of revenue from a successful internet based business. Once we have developed your website, that is where our main focus begins. Typically over the course of 12 - 18 months we work alongside you to build the exposure and sales of your website.